Crypto VC Funding Plummets to 2-Year Low, US Firms Still on Top: New Report

In the Brief:

  • VC investment in crypto declined in Q1 2023
  • US firms are still favored despite regulatory uncertainty
  • Pre-seed activities saw significant gain
  • VC may rebound with bullish turn
  • Regulatory uncertainty caused funding drop
  • Opportunities still exist for risk-taking investors.

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The crypto market has been experiencing a decline in VC investment in the first quarter of 2023. According to a report by Galaxy Research, the research wing of Galaxy Digital investment firm, VCs invested $2.4 billion across 439 deals in Q1 2023, making it the least invested capital since the last quarter of 2020. Despite the US’s regulatory uncertainty, the country is still the preferred destination for firms raising capital, with 42.8% of the amount flowing into crypto in the US and France holding the next position at 19.4%.

The report shows that VC investments may be linked to crypto prices, indicating that VC activities have a possibility of rebounding as prices take a bullish turn. The current data reported by venture deals is not the final figure, with the $2.4 billion statistics quoted expected to change in the future.

Further findings from the report revealed that even with the downward trend in capital investment, deal activities went up by almost 20%, with pre-seed activities making the most substantial gain of 89 as compared to 42 seen in Q4 2022.

The report noted several reasons for the drop in VC funding, including regulatory uncertainty, which sees many startups moving to countries with more crypto-friendly regulations. Despite the challenges facing the crypto market, the report’s findings suggest that the market still holds potential for investors who are willing to put their bets.

The investments in Q1 2023 are the lowest since Q4 2020, showing there is a downward trend in VC investment in crypto. US-based companies remain the favored destination for firms raising capital. The number of deals involving pre-seed activities is up by 89 in Q1 2023, a gain from the previous quarter. VC activities may rebound as crypto prices take a bullish turn.

The report indicates that the decline in VC funding can be linked to regulatory uncertainty, which results in companies moving to countries with more crypto-friendly policies. Therefore, traders should keep an eye on changes in crypto regulations in different countries to determine the impact they may have on the market. US-based companies may still be the preferred destination for capital flows, despite the regulatory uncertainty affecting the crypto market, making them a potential great investment opportunity.

The report also offers a glimmer of hope, stating that VC activities could rebound as the crypto market once again gains bullish momentum.

The Bottom Line

The high level of regulatory uncertainty and the decline in VC funding may cause some anxiety for traders in the crypto market. However, despite the challenges facing the industry, the market is far from dead, and opportunities still exist, especially for investors willing to take risks. The US remains the favored destination for capital flows, and with the possibility of VC funding bouncing back, traders should keep a keen eye on the crypto market.

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