Solana Foundation RPC Endpoints Offline Due to Bug

In the Brief:

  • Solana Network continues to function normally despite RPC outage
  • Bug impacts foundation-ran nodes
  • Private RPC providers still available.

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Solana Foundation’s Remote Procedure Call (RPC) endpoints have been offline due to a bug in the Validator client’s test release 1.14. The issue has only impacted nodes run by the foundation and private providers are still functioning normally, according to Austin Federa, Head of Strategy & Communications at Solana Foundation. The incident has not affected the overall performance of the network, as block production is still occurring as normal and private RPCs provided by firms such as QuickNode, Alchemy, and Triton are still available.

Despite the setback, the Solana network has started the year on a strong note. According to data from Artemis, Solana’s daily addresses have surpassed those of major competitors such as Ethereum and Polygon as of January 5th. The value of the network’s native token, SOL, has also seen a 37% increase in the past week, trading at $13.65 at the time of writing. SOL had reached as low as $8 in the final weeks of 2022 but has now climbed to become the 14th largest digital asset by market capitalization.

In addition, the Solana community has rallied around the popular Bonk Inu token, which has seen a 1000% increase in value in the first week of the year and attracted significant network activity. The token claims to “represent the best of Solana.”

Last year, the Solana network experienced 14 outages totaling 4 days, 12 hours, and 21 minutes, with the last one in October 2022 being caused by an issue with a node. These outages had raised concerns among the community about the network’s viability.

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