Twitter Blocks all Interaction with Substack Links – Is Free Discourse at Risk?

In the Brief:

  • Twitter is blocking links to Substack pages.
  • The reason is unknown.
  • This could be detrimental to free discourse concerning crypto, etc.
  • Some fear it could force users to move to Substack.
  • Experts believe this blocks free publicity for Substack.
  • Trading crypto may be impacted, requiring close monitoring.

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Twitter users are reporting that they cannot interact with tweets containing links to Substack pages. Attempts to like, retweet or reply to posts containing Substack links result in an error message stating that actions on the post have been disabled. It is unclear whether this is a bug or an intended feature. This also comes a day after Substack announced Notes, a Twitter-like posting application that could be seen as competition to the bird app.

As Substack is often used by expert-level bloggers to share their thoughts with like-minded communities, the crypto community has taken advantage of it to a relatively large degree. Blocking interaction with posts on Substack could have a chilling effect on free discourse related to crypto, blockchain, and Web3, as there are countless cryptocurrency blogs on Substack with millions of subscribed readers.

Twitter has recently made several mysterious changes, including featuring a Doge image in place of Twitter’s bird logo, and non-profit media organization NPR receiving a “state media” label. Amidst this changing environment, crypto traders must closely follow developments to anticipate any significant impact on their investments.

The Unclear Origin of the Block

Twitter appears to have cut off the ability for Substack users to embed tweets in their posts as of April 6. However, a spokesperson for Substack didn’t clarify whether they believed the issue involved a change to the Twitter API or a bug. Twitter’s spokesperson also did not make any immediate comments on this development.

Substack has tweeted that they are investigating the reports that Twitter embeds and authentication no longer work on their platform. They are actively trying to resolve this, and will share updates as additional information becomes available.

The Relationship Between Twitter and Substack

Experts believe that this move blocks the potential for Substack to use Twitter as a form of free publicity. In early 2022, Twitter allowed the embedding of posts from other websites, including Substack, allowing the publication of newsletters to potentially reach a wider audience.

Substack’s ‘Notes’ feature, which allows users to make short posts, disclose certain semblances with Twitter, as users can reply and even quote tweets in them. Nonetheless, Substack’s differentiation comes in its membership offerings subscription services, giving experts a place to reach a dedicated audience and potentially monetize their content.

Many Twitter users believe this move to be detrimental to the free exchange of ideas, and could mean more people shift to Substack where their content can be shared without hindrance.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the impact of Substack links block on Twitter is not entirely clear. However, it should be noted that this move was preceded by several other changes that are speculated to signify a new phase in Twitter’s evolution.

Crypto traders must keep an eye on developments regarding the attack on the free expression of crypto-related remarks. This can enable traders to anticipate the impact on their investments, along with the potential impact on the crypto market.

The relationship between social media and crypto is complex, as illustrated by Twitter and Substack’s ongoing feud. It is crucial to look for signs that indicate whether new moves are being made to limit or support the crypto market. By analyzing how the tweet platform operates, one can recognize the potential benefits and pitfalls of crypto trading.

Disclaimer: The content in this article is provided for informational purposes only and should not be considered as financial or trading advice. We are not financial advisors, and trading carries high risk. Always consult a professional financial advisor before making any investment decisions.

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