Why Bitcoin believers are getting permanent tattoos to show their devotion

In the Brief:

  • Bitcoin supporters get tattoos of logos, motifs, equations, and slogans to show commitment.
  • Some worry about privacy and have anonymous social media profiles.
  • Tattoos require commitment and are seen as a badge of honor.
  • Many supporters believe in the potential to revolutionize finance.

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Many Bitcoin believers have shown their support for the decentralized digital currency in a permanent way by etching a Bitcoin logo, motif, equation, or slogan onto their skin. It is a way for them to show their commitment to the values the Bitcoin protocol represents. While the tattoos serve as a badge of honor, some are concerned about the risks involved, such as their privacy and the implications of public identity or defining features.

Didi Taihuttu, the father of the Bitcoin family, sold all of his family’s possessions and slept in a campsite while the price of Bitcoin was in the four-figure territory with the letter “B” etched on his arm. He now travels the world evangelizing Bitcoin, with his forearm on full view: “Bitcoin changed my way of thinking about the world and decentralizing it.” Taihuttu explained that he inked himself the moment he went “all in on Bitcoin as I thought it was a very important step in my life.”

Anita Posch, another globetrotting Bitcoin evangelist, has a lightning bolt tattooed on her forearm. She said she wouldn’t explain that the lightning bolt symbol (a nod to the Lightning Network) on her wrist is Bitcoin-related but added “Bitcoin is my life” in follow-up comments.

The Bitcoin Equation

TatumTurnUP, the host of the Bitcoin show “Between Two Asics,” explained that he got his tattoo of the BTC supply formula because “It’s what proves scarcity.”. The tattoo on his bicep is a common formula for the supply of Bitcoin. He cautioned readers that “The bottom of the Sigma might be the most painful thing I ever experienced. Just a forewarning.”

OpSec: Operational Security

Some Bitcoin advocates are worried about the risks of publicly displaying their support for a digital currency, such as their privacy and the risk of public reveal of their personal data. That’s why some Bitcoin advocates mask their online identities, using anonymous profiles on social media. However, others are not concerned about hiding their identity, such as Rikki and Laura from Bitcoin Explorers, who have their Bitcoin support on full view.

Piero Coen, the co-founder of Osmo Wallet, explained that Bitcoin is a “counterculture movement, and getting a tattoo related to it is a way to show our commitment to this movement.”

What if Bitcoin Goes to Zero?

Unlike tweets or open letters, Bitcoin tattoos are tricky to delete. They require commitment. But what happens if the currency goes to zero? Tatum explained, “sucks for me!” He also said, “my tattoo is kind of why it never will go to zero. If one person finds value in Bitcoin, there’s only ever going to be so many. So they will have value.”

“Monetary scarcity is something we’ve been deprived of until Bitcoin, and the fact I can write down what proves there will only ever be a certain amount of Bitcoin is a pretty big deal.”

Dale is prepared to live with the tattoos on his wrists even if Bitcoin does fail. He’s committed until the very end: “If I’m wrong about this, I want to carry that reminder every day. And if not, I can’t imagine a prouder badge to wear for the rest of my days.” Taihuttu also said “I believe that people who have tattoos from dollar signs or other fiat have a bigger chance of going to 0.”


While getting a Bitcoin tattoo may seem like a permanent reminder of one’s commitment to the digital currency, it is important to consider the risks involved. OpSec is crucial, and individuals should be cautious about revealing their identity too publicly. However, for many Bitcoin advocates, the tattoo serves as a badge of honor for their belief in the values and potential of the Bitcoin protocol. Bitcoin’s long-term prospects look bright, and supporters of the currency believe it will continue to revolutionize the financial sector.

Disclaimer: The content in this article is provided for informational purposes only and should not be considered as financial or trading advice. We are not financial advisors, and trading carries high risk. Always consult a professional financial advisor before making any investment decisions.

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